Not a Real Dentist

Date: 8/13/2017

By TheDreadingDark

I was female (I'm male) and was traveling to the dentist with my mentor who looked like my Dad, closest one was in a desert. When I got to the dentist I was sitting up against a filing cabinet and there was cement floor then the man claiming to be a dentist was wearing goggles and a face mask so I couldn't see his face, then he started to put a mask on me to gas me. I knew he wasn't a real dentist at this point, so I asked what the gas did then he said it makes you go insane, then muttered I mean makes you sleep. He turned me around and put the mask to gas me over my mouth. Then I held my breath and concentrated, I formed two eyes one on each side of my head to look back at the man so I had four eyes, the regular two in front and two on the side of my head then formed a bunch of eyes all around my head in a line so the man couldn't see them. Then I got up and turned around the man didn't look like a man anymore, his head was covered with eyes all over with a tentacle being the only thing connecting his head to his body, then my right arm to a blade and I sliced through the tentacle keeping his head on. Ran outside and find my mentor, I said he wasn't a real dentist. Then woke up.