Four dreams one night

Date: 3/18/2017

By michelletigre

Dream 1: I was in a live-action game with my husband where we had to kill zombies. The gamekeeper gave us a rifle and a glock but they were 5 times smaller than their usual size hence their bullets were smaller too. We weren't given any spare bullets so we had to pick them up on the way. The setting was an old car park. My husband would be the driver and I would be the shooter, so I had all the guns. Before getting into the car a zombie approached so I shot at it and finished all our bullets but my husband alerted me of one right behind me and I got bit (in this dream if you get bit you really turn, and if you die you really die.) knowing I will die if we don't win, we sped away. Collected weapons on the way like a katana which I preferred since the guns were so small. The dream stops here Dream 2. We are in a huge hangar type building, it is a fun house, a hockey stadium fits and the rest of the space is used for shelves and shelves of kids toys. We see a hockey game go on and someone comes into the rink and goes crazy turning everyone into zombies. The army arrive and try to quarantine the fun house. I was a soldier in a tight suit and helmet and securing civilians and killing zombies. My friends started to get infected and told me to shoot them if they start to turn. For some reason I licked this miniature spoon knowing there was a droplet of virus on it, and I told my friend to shoot me when I turn, and I put my blaster on my temple and shot and even felt the blast and death. Dream stops here. Dream 3. We are waiting outside of a quarantine building and healed infected were being released one by one and I was waiting for my friend Liz who I went to high school with. My whole family was there, and her mother and sister (she doesn't have a sister in real life) were waiting as well. She gets released and we go to her place to celebrate. Her mom gives her an injection and says to me "I see this every day this is normal to me" because she was also sick and had to inject herself everyday with medicine. We sat around her dining table and had margaritas. Dream stops here. Dream 4. We run into my cousin and her husband on the hills of San Fruttuoso, one of my favorite beaches in the world located in the Italian Riviera. I tell her about the amazing water below and the restaurant to the left and how I'm upset i didn't bring my underwater camera even though I reminded myself to bring my GoPro. We go down and try to have lunch but seems like the waiters won't let us sit on the balcony because it's only reserved for the Italians. I speak perfect Italian and say there is no one there why can't we sit there and they just won't let us. Dream ends here