Date: 2/16/2017

By mya's_dreams

so I was in a crime class solving misterys with Kelsey and some hot gut next thing you know the bed is dragging us into a closet and I'm yelling hold.the door open so we can get out but I closed and we got Locked it and we automatically looked around for stuff to figure out where we are and we were in another demension then the nameless hot guy is watching poem trying to get us out and then the guy with split personalitys came in he took my twd necklace then left then the same guy as a black man came in an talked then left then then the 17 yeah old horny boy came in (the same guy) and said hop in and ride my dick then Kelsey refused and made him mad so I said I'll do it later the name less hot guy looked at me like I'm your man tf and then the 17 guy left so I went in Snapchat to see if the reality's were the same and I had different people well mosters on my snap so I was schroiling and one faceless tall scary one seemed to be coming out the phone so I schroled fast past that on and locked my phone the one guy who took my neckalce came back and said its time for.dinner and we can leave the room so.we all get making clouds of noise and he says shhhh don't be loud you will wake them up so we enter what is beleved to.be the living room and I see all the monsters that where in the Snapchat except for the one that was coming at me and we get to the kitchen and we see a prepared meal of ham and potattos at this pot me and they guy with my necklace are holding hand I asked if I could go to the bathroom and he says yes leaving my friend and sexyness alone with him I enter the bathroom and as I close the door I wake up