skin and sandwich

Date: 6/8/2017

By xeeps

it started off with there being a huge problem about skin. So, they made it possible for you to change your skin color at will. So people were just going to town with that. Then there was something else happening and there were these girls that were twins and they both influenced alot of people in this club. so, this is all happening and then there was this dude on screen rapping about some English pirate I think. He had dreads and he was a pretty big dude, he was old though. His name was kj-od or something like that I think. I think he had on a jersey at one point then a blue shirt. the music video started out with a whole bunch of people grabbing at this hand. like, everyone would grab a finger during the intro. Next, I was at my house. I was eating sushi in the den for some reason then decided I didn't want it anymore, so I put it all on the floor. I wanted my dog to get it, but she wasn't inside so I left it there for her so that she could get it when she came in. Then I go in the kitchen, and my cousin James was in there, so we kinda talked, and then I got hungry again and he said my mom was about to have dinner ready. so, I went upstairs, and then it was like my dorm room, except just me. so I went in my fridge and I grabbed mustard for some reason. there was also some mozarella babybel in there. Then I saw a sandwich. I don't EVER eat or drink anything the day before, of, or after it expires. it was a ham sandwich and it expired on June 6th, but it was the seventh, so I said why not, and I ate some. then ok thank started to taste weird so, I stopped. then my mom called me for dinner but my stomach hurt by then. and my dog did eat the sushi. Then I was on the beach with this girl, and the beaches all had different sand. The beach we were at, had sand that would pull you in if you were uncomfortable. Then we slept at the beach. when we woke up people were driving up to us and we realized it was our friends. when we got back to school, everyone was losing it because I was of the administrators gave everybody a wake up call over the loud speaker asking what was wrong with the girls because it was the 4th time this month that they stole her orange blanket. more happened, but not important.