javier pt3 (3/15/19)

Date: 3/15/2019

By jadaking

javier was sleeping over, but we were sleeping in my grandmas house !!?? the room i sleep is the mickey mouse room, so i was very embarrassed lol, the bed is super uncomfortable every time i go & squeals every time you move. This was my moms first time meeting him but she was out so she was getting home late. Javier & i hooked up on the awful bed & he kept biting me.... lmfao. We turned the tv on & a show about lizards was on, my mom came home & they met. Javier was a little scared but it was fine she just asked him 100 different questions i was laughing. My mum invited more people over to my grandmas house & i was so mad cuz all we wanted to do was to go to bed cuz it was like 2am. We shut the door & we madeout this time cuz people kept coming into the room to meet javier. We both fell asleep & when i woke up javier was gone. The lizard show was still playing on tv