murder (long and in depth story)

Date: 3/31/2019

By boogigi

my dad owned a storage unit and a murderer was living in there named joseph. my dad was going to get a lot of money that was in there with him and leave joseph to die. so we all got in the car (we were living in hawaii) and drove to the facility and there he was, starving and crazy. I was obviously scared because if he got out, he would kill us. my dad got the money out and started putting it in the car when joseph somehow got out and threatened us. I was scared and hid behind the car and I was close to the fence and I heard a muffled scream coming from inside the unit. she said her name was kaytlin and that she was stuck in a duffel bag and couldn’t breathe. so I was behind my dads car while my whole family was trying to contain joseph, and I called 911 because I was having a full on panic attack. I told them that there was a girl trapped somewhere and she couldn’t breathe but that I couldn’t get to her to help. they told me they were on their way, so I went to go tell my dad what happened but joseph was still trying to attack them. i hid behind another car and joseph was about to fall over because he was so starved. his last words were “I was born with the devil in me”. he fell over and was dead. everyone started to pack the money into our car when my dad saw blue and red flashing lights driving towards the unit. he said “why are they here?!” and I told him that there was a girl trapped in the unit. he got super mad at me and said “we need to go. now.” and I responded with “dad there’s a DYING GIRL in there, we can’t just leave her” he yelled at me saying that the police were going to take our money away. I cried and said “i’m not getting in the car.” about an hour goes by and the girl is saved, our money is gone, and Joseph’s body is taken care of. they give me a blanket because I was extremely cold and they leave. my dad has a stern face on and I try to explain but he doesn’t listen. he finally snaps and says “we needed that money. no ones life is worth HOW MUCH was in that unit.” I bawled my eyes out and they drive away without me.