Fat Inventions

Date: 2/8/2017

By Kesscapade

I was at a convention of some sort and I new that I was supposed to be speaking sometime in the afternoon. I hadn't really prepared anything and didn't even kbow what I was talking about. There were these big screens all throughout the convention hall showing who was speaking or who was suppose to be speaking next. I saw myname and face op on the screen and it had a forty minute count down before I was supposed to be there. The title of my presentation was "Why it's hard to sell inventions in fat states". I'm not exactly thin so I thought it was weird that they choose me. I got to my stage and there were a bunch of stupid infomercial products on a big table and a bunch of giys in suits who looked reallyproud kf themselves. I had to got through this crazy screening metal detector process that was at the other end of the room and didn't prevent me from getting on stage or sitting down at all, but i just went withe the crowd. they t let me cut in line because i was a speaker and they were all really rude to me and didn't tell me what to do so I just guessed and took my shoes and jewelry off and held my arms out to get scanned like at an airport or concert. The guy yeld at me and then told me what I needed to do in a condescending voice. At one point he told me to fix my hair if i needed too so I pushed in a loose bobby pin to secure it. Then I went on stage and had a bunch of infomercial guys hate on me while I explain why there product weren't selling well. I had to explainto them that it wasn't because people are fat but because their products are stupid. I wake up here.