wolf dream

Date: 7/20/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

so I was in a large stadium with an attached castle part. I was hunting a small creature, I think he was called the Wolf, but he was not a wolf. he was a small beast that looked like an ewok, but he was fast and athletic. I was in a room that was dark, and I could hear a growling sound, as if something were in the room. I saw that it was a black dog, hiding in the shadows and I grabbed it in my hands, holding it close to my body. it struggled, but I held it fast as another person who was with me stabbed it with a knife. I went to the locked door, where I threw the corpse to a pack of wolves who ate it noisily, tearing it to shreds. the body made my hands stink and when they left the mangled body, I was able to run down some stairs and chase the Wolf, who was moving around like a monkey, and with such speed that no one else saw him. I followed, swinging like a monkey and was able to catch him. I described to other people there how I was able to catch him, and most of them said theydid not even see him. then we went into a concession stand and had celebratory ice cream. it was vanilla with caramel.