The Battle Between Two Moons

Date: 6/13/2019

By Jade_Shadow13

It was late at night and I was out in the sea with my siblings. Our grandma took us with a yaht. We were wearing a skin-tight, waterproof jumpsuit along with scuba equipment(Such as goggles, air tanks, etc.) We were searching for something, but I'm not sure what. But I managed to find spagetti in a jar... I looked up in the dark sky that has many stars... although, something was a bit off. There were two moons in the sky --yes, I know. Its unbelievable, but I could only see their outlines. Like perfect circles, both identicle in the sky. The two "moons" moved slightly, seemed like they were comunicating. That is, until a "U" shape emerged from Moon number one, as the mouth of the U faced toward the other. Then it started shooting red beams of light at Moon number two! Number two did the same process as a response, shooting back at Moon number 1. They went back and forth and honestly, they look like those tiny drones from an old game. As I watched them feud against each other, the two moons suddenly stopped. They faced their U guns downward. Number one shot a beam, making a ship several meters in front of us explode! My siblings and I gasped as we watched ths twin moons shoot down ships one by one. I didn't bother to look up. I rushed my siblings inside the yaht. I was just in time to jump in before the moons shot at us. The front entrace a few feet from the door was engulfed in flames. The little house we went in, happened to be made of glass. And it had just started to pour. My grandma was driving the yaht. I was no longer with my siblings, and I still had the jar of spagetti. I started to assume that the moons were mad that I took their spagett. I was debating whether or not if I should keep it, or toss it overboard... But I decided to hold onto it. Why? I really don't know. In the yaht, there were many doors of the same white color. I randomly picked one and opened it, only to find a class going on, in a retaraunt. There were linking tables, each having a student seated. I recognize the teacher and some of the students that were my real classmates in the 8th grade. And this lesson was something about tasting the food. But I didn't know what class I was taking. I just assumed all doors contained a class of sorts, until I opened a door to a random stranger's living room. He sat in his recliner reading his newspaper, only to look at me like "what are you doing here?" Soon after, my grandma decided to take us home. Which apparently took a few minutes for being out at sea to the point you can't spot any land.