Date: 4/8/2017

By heyitsjewel

First dream, starts with me and simran trying to find Shane, we are running across the field, it's hot, i'm kinda sweating, we end up finding shane, we talk, we wanted to ask him if he's ok cos he seems like he's going to kill everyone. Second dream, starts off in a big mansion, i hear someone, i open these doors but they've got ice all over it, after a few tries i open up all the doors, there a mental door, opens up, there's a dragon, and a snake, it's a green snake, i grab it and throw it in the toilet saying 'where you belong' i know this dragon is going to kill and destroy the school. I'm running around school, i manage to run out so i'm not locked in school with the dragon, i keep running and i turn to see humphrey screaming and most likely pointing at the dragon, i think i'm about to cry because of the guilt, a teacher starts walking towards me and another teacher. I walk with them, the ground starts becoming this yellowish tinted water, looks like there are yellow eels (i'm just describing what the yellow stuff looks like) i get onto the teachers back, then i see these 2 small toy looking race tracks, one had a red car, one had spider patterns, black and pinky red. Explained everything to them i think. Felt guilty that i knew everyone's gonna die and im gonna be in trouble. Suddenly i'm at a tesco looking shop, with my parents, i tell my mum everything, she's annoying but she's still supporting me, i check my phone to see if anyone is panicking since they're at school, anisa sent me a message saying akash got into trouble and the police are on their way, so i'm like lol ok i'm confused why ppl aren't scared, i go on snapchat, pick a filter i have green looking eyes that's all i remember and i take a selfie but i end up deleting it. That's all i remember.