post-capitalist swimming pool

Date: 1/17/2017

By I dream of Harding

I was being shown around Edinburgh University with a sense of hurry. I was told I could park my car anywhere on the first floor, and that the polite thing is to move the furniture out of the way first.  They were prepping the room for him, it was in a swimming pool in a portakabin. I was meant to be meeting my niece and sister. I had invited them to swim, but wasn't sure if they'd want to listen to Paul Mason at the same time, who was giving another talk at the pool. I was running late and when I got there Sarah was annoyed that I'd exposed her and her niece to Paul's ideas, which she was suspicious of. Everyone in the pool was huddling by the edge, waiting to get out.  Paul looked exhausted, swamped by eager people. The only thing I could think to do was steal his diary and pencil in a meeting in the week that I would later cancel. His agent snatched the diary back and told me he had no availability for weeks