Just wanna make out with everyone

Date: 8/13/2017

By MsBananaNanner

My irl brother and my dad were with me in the backyard of our childhood home. There was a white horse there, and I was trying to get it to calm down so I could fix the its bleeding cut. My brother and dad are playing catch with a circular saw blade. Horse then tries to catch saw blade like a dog catching a ball. I am freaking out, telling them to stop because they're going to kill our horse. They leave finally, after I scream at them. Horse wanders away. Then my adoptive dream-siblings start to show up, and I just want to make out with all of them. Me and the one kid decide we're going to be boyfriend-girlfriend. He is a terrible kisser, doesn't even move as I aggressively try to french him. (😂idek) I have two dream-brothers and one dream-sister, and there's a neighbor girl or someone there too. My dream-sister is trying to convince my dream-brother to get a girlfriend. He says he doesn't know how. She tells him he should just kiss all the girls there right now and see who has the best connection. I volunteer, saying "I wanna do it!" Later, more friends show up, and all of us girls head to someone's apartment to work on some project. While there we somehow get to my telling the story of the time I kissed my adoptive sister. Everyone is like WOAH THATS SO COOOOOLLLL. And this really shy, overly conservative girl just leans over and kisses the girl next to her and everyone is like WOOOOAAAAHHHHHH and losing their minds. Someone is trying to teach us how to dance, but I am hopelessly terrible. I'm also worried about our stomping walking up the people on the floor below us. Then Ali and I go to some sort of concert. By complete surprise, a former President was there with all of his family (I think it was Coolidge or something ???) Ali and I decide to be sneaky and go up to the balcony where they are all sitting and find seats that are like as close to them as possible that aren't blocked off. The balcony is directly above the stage, so we have to watch tv screens on the back wall. Spotlights are blinding us the whole time. Another guy comes and sits next to me, and he's got unnaturally blue eyes. Ali and I are chit chatting, both talking about this cute guy and how we wanna ask him out but we are super awkward and can't. I don't remember which of us, but someone really wanted to make out with him. Then she shows me this Facebook profile of some dude named "Everette". "Who is Everette?" I ask. She shushes me wildly. Blue eyed guy slowly looks over, squints, then tries to grab the phone out of my hand. I realize he's Everette. He can't know that we are creepy stalkers. He finally gives up, then sets to trying to find my Facebook out of spite. He holds it up, to see if he's correct. It's the profile of my friend's mom. I bust up laughing. "Dude, she's 70!"