Pollution with a kiss

Date: 6/7/2017

By scottb443

So madison and I decided we wanted to go to the beach so when we went we went to a place where there was no large beach part just like straight water. So we go there and strangely there is a place where there is no pollution and is protected by some agency. When we arrived they were like do u want take a tour and look at fish and of course I was like heck ya! So we go on the tour and it's all going good and then they start pouring pollution into the water like straight oil and other bad stuff and I was like what are you doing this is bad! And so I'm arguing and they push me into the water and when I'm in the water a bunch of eels start biting me. But lucky for me madison pulls me out of the water and we leave and go to some seashell store. When we are there I start getting loopy from the bites for some reason and Alyssa Garcia is there also and she works at the store. So madison goes and talks to her and she's like well he needs a kiss from me with this chap stick that I'm wearing and Madison goes berserk like heck no you aren't doing that with my bf and I pass out. So I wake up and madison is kissing me and I wake up and she smiles sweetly and I'm like what is going on and then we leave and drive back in my truck.