Sara got a Kiss

Date: 1/30/2019

By baburubān

I was asking Hunter F if I had work at my first job today. He said “ehhhhhhh” and that’s when I realized I left something down by the pool so I had to go on this long journey to retrieve it. When I came back, Garrett drove me to this college level class I was starting and he ended up bending the front of his car and getting a ticket. My aunt Denise taught the class which I think was about preparing for the future? Afterwards I walked down the hall with Sara and she said that she kind of liked Ankhbayar and needed to go talk with him. Out of jealousy I followed and I watched them. Sara leaned in for a kiss but pulled back, and then Ankhbayar grabbed her hand and then kissed her. I could feel my heart break.... it really sucked. Then I walked around the back of the school (skate park?) and saw the van pulling up. Out came a girl with short straight brown hair. She was super scrawny. She immediately jumped into the pool despite her mother’s protests. And that’s all I remember from my dream.