Cez Presents: The Magic Tiger

Date: 2/24/2019

By Yurilolita

I had a dream where I was met by a magical tiger which told me that it could give me the powers of time travel if I could free it from its cage. It informed me that it could project itself into people's minds, and the physical form I saw in front of me was only a mental projection. The physical tiger was in a well armed penthouse in Times Square, where many women and animals of all sorts were being beaten by a very cruel magician. I packed whatever equipment I could find and led a party of 4 to infiltrate the luxury apt. However, when we got there, it was already too late. Someone had tipped the owner of what the tiger had said, and he took off before we had even arrived. Before doing so, he had killed the tiger. The poor creature was indistinguishable now, and was severed to bits in front of a large Ford. We were too late. And then, the ignition of the car roared on. "YOU HAVE SAVED ME," said the Ford, "AND I NOW INHIBIT THE BODY OF THE AUTOMOBILE." I cried, starring at the mangled corpse. "But we didn't save you! You died." "YOU HAVE FREED ME FROM MY SHACKLES," roared the ignition of the Ford, "I LIVE NO LONGER HINDERED BY PAIN. DEATH IS ALWAYS CERTAIN YOUNG ONE, BUT THE CHANCE TO DIE WITH FREEDOM AND CAMARADERIE IS NOT." And then I woke up.