Two fucked up dream

Date: 5/18/2017

By Tori45

(before I fell asleep) I was thinking about who is cute in my grade. I finally gave up and did not chose anyone. BTW I was outside on the trampoline. (In the dream) I woke up on the trampoline I was going to my friends house for a party. When i got there their were everyone from my old and new school there. In my mind i thought how could Abby know all of these people. I walked through the party and ended up bumping into my friend Paris she was talking to a lot of the boys from my actual school. We all hang out and end up playing spin the bottle. I went first because people new i didn't wanna play. I spun the bottle and it landed on Kaleb i felt like dyeing because i knew how he felt about me. *he is really cute* we went into a closet and had to stay in there for 20 minutes. We go in and its a small closet to the right and left of us there were benches to sit on. The coat hanger was empty thank fucking god because i would not be able to move anywhere. It was pitch black when they closed the closet door. I sat down and we talked for about one minute. We talked about what was going on in our lives and how we missed each other. When about one minute past there was a minute of silence. I feel him moving closer. There was a wall right behind my back so i could not move. He puts his arm to each side of my outside of my arms. I feel him leans in and i close my eyes wishing the time would be up any second. He lightly puts his lips on mine. We sit there like that for a few seconds and he broke the kiss. He asked if i was mad with him for doing that and i say no i wasn't. He leans forward again and started to French kiss me. I woke up thinking it actually happened. (I fall back asleep) I wake up and realized it was the day before end of the year party. I email everyone that I could (my whole old and new school) that were in grade 7. I get all emails back saying that they can come. I was so happy. A few minutes later I hear a knock at the door. I know who they were right once they knocked. They were my BFF's. I run down to see them. I let them in and I told them to give me a second to get ready before we go to the mall. I got ready and went down to go. We got my dad to drop us off at the mall. He gave me a couple of 100 dollars and we went off to shop. We got bathing suits and cute outfits. We ended up going back to my place for the night. The next day we got up early to get ready. I wore my blue bathing suit and my new outfits witch was a blue laced shirt and short shorts. We got ready out back. Half an hour later we heard the doorbell go. We go see who it is and it was Kaleb *my crush sence kindergarten*. Brooke, Sara, Maddy, and Alyssa ask him to come in. At this point I was speechless. I quietly said hi. I brought him out back where the trampoline and pool are. I told him to do whatever he wants other than going into any bedrooms. *he was aloud inside the house* Brooke, Sara, Maddy, and Alyssa dragged me into my room. Brooke said that she wants to have me go into the forest. I refused but she dragged me out. Brooke and Alyssa came with me into the forest. After a few minutes of walking in the forest Maddy and Sara bring Kaleb. I was sitting under a tree that had a little arch above it. Sara and Maddy bring Kaleb to me. Alyssa Maddy Sara and Brooke all acted like they were walking away but they hid behind trees. When we thought we were alone we joked around and he moves closer to me. He puts his lips on mine softly. We end up going back to the house because of how late it was people were coming soon. When everyone arrived it was around 6:00 pm and and we put up the fire. Kaleb and I sat in front of the fire together. All of a sudden I see Kaleb kissing me in front of everyone. (I wake up)