Assault on an Island Mansion

Date: 5/29/2017

By AR15gunz

In this dream I had a lot of fighting on my hands. It was very reminiscent of Fallout and Farcry, set in a modern world. The main piece that I remember is being stuck on an island, which was in view of the coast and several other islands closer to the coast. However I was unable to swim to the coast because while it seemed to be very close and within swimming distance, it was actually around 50 miles away. On one of the islands I could see a large mansion, which belonged to a fat acquaintance of mine from an early part of the dream, which I have forgotten. I believe it was by his doing that I was stranded on the island. He was also apparently the head of a nefarious organization, and had many armed men guarding his house. The island I was on had trails and such going deeper into the island but I did not go down that path because there were many monsters from the fallout universe there (Deathclaws, Assaultrons, etc.) although I did kill many of them. I swam to the nearest island, which was between my island and the Fat man's island, and then to his island. Then I caught one of the guards and killed him and proceeded to assault the house, killing guards as I found them. At a certain point I realized that I was unarmed and was just punching these guards who had guns, so I went back and picked up some of their weapons. One of which particularly resembled the assault rifle from Fallout 3. I went on through the rest of the house, killing all of the inhabitants, however there were a few who I was unable to kill even though I shot them. It turns out that they were good people and not directly involved with the organizations misdeeds and so I was unable to kill them. That became the litmus test for whether or not they were good people. I tried to kill everyone, but if I couldn't, then I assumed they were good. Finally I made it to the Fat man's office, and while I wanted to kill him, I convinced him that I didn't need to, and that I had killed many of the monsters on the farther out island, and so he would be able to build an outpost there. He was thankful and decided to make peace with me, and help me get back to shore. I feel that it is worth mentioning that I am an active duty Marine, and some of that aggressiveness may have played into this dream.