running from cops

Date: 7/25/2019

By lilynavor

i dreamt that me and four of my close other friends were out at the bars on the 4th of july and were about to leave anyway cuz everyone was ready to go home when my closest friend spotted cop cars with their signals on as she was going through the doors. she slams back through the doors to tell us it’s time to DIP. they all start running at full speed and im extremely confused bc they’re all above 21 except me. i figure it’s gonna look way more sus running for no reason but i can’t lose my friends so i run with them. we run until we reach this neighborhood and find the house we’re staying at with the door open and try to go in but it sets off the alarm and we don’t know the code. so we dip around the neighborhood and at this point the cops are around us somewhere bc they saw us running. we hit alleyways and eventually have to hide in the grass when we see a figure coming toward us and we get scared shitless bc we think it’s a cop. it turns out to be a girl that i don’t know in one of the apartments in the area and we tell her what’s going on and she feels bad for us. she says we can hide out in her apartment until the cops leave. we go into her apartment and it’s pretty nice, i see a woman with two other kids and she says go ignore them. thats all i remember.