Symbol Overkill

Date: 2/16/2017

By incurableflame

I had a dream, first of all, that I had braces put on my teeth to straighten them. The braces kinda hurt and I managed to somehow tear them off, which made me bleed in my mouth so much... Then I looked up at the moon and something was wrong with it. There were explosions and the whole of the moon was set on fire??? It was all choppy, but beforehand I saw G playing some kind of ball game with a bunch of guys and they were talking about punishments for the losing team and he said he'd prefer "the electric chair" because he's "already been through it" and has built a resistance of sorts... Then I remember being in the casino with someone, my mum I think, and I won a lot of money and I was very lucky I kept winning more. Then I had a dream I had a bunch of snakes and took them out of dirty water into clean.