another world

Date: 1/20/2017

By wolfspiritlove122104

ok well lets start from the beginning so i was not feeling well so i did not go to school so i slept for a little while. when i fell asleep first thing i saw or well saw in my dream were a railroad police officer and then i train crashed that had about 6 metal boxes stacked very high. then he came inside and i tried to tell him what happened but he only listened to my mom. so i started playing a game then i got sucked in to another world. then i met a women who first took me to my mom and the police officer and tried to call the police officer my dad i had to pull her away and tell her he wasn't my dad so she sent him and my mom home. then this big saint bernard came up and pounced on me me and the lady laughed. then this big doberman came up and pounced on me but he lays his head on my neck and made noises like eh was biting me but he wasn't. at that the women said ugh i hate it when he does that. then she started running and i tripped over a fence trying to pull my pants back up then she showed me this big blow up tv and we let it push us away from it. then we sat down at the back of the crowd and at the very edge of the real grass was fake grass and i accidentally pulled a little piece up and there was a light and it scared me at first but then i realized what it was. i then asked her is this like a place that i can only come a few times. she did not answer. then i said how can i come back she did not answer. then she said you need to get back to the real world to your mother shes probably freaking out. and then i woke up to real life.