Mad enough for the dark side.

Date: 4/19/2019

By Fitful

I was in high school. Life was tumultuous. Some dark friends of mine were trying to recruit a guy for an occult practice. They were recruiting me too but it was clear I wasn't as important to get. I over heard them talking about how once you did one ritual you were bound to have to do them all, every year, forever. There was these half circle crescent concrete dias's in a circle side by side holding up a small hill. In the ritual they floated up in the air. The rituals were to the dark goddess Hecate although in this dream she felt more like Lilith, very dark and almost a step away from sinister. I was eager to belong but often brushed off by everyone, especially the girls who were the head of all this. Everyone in this school was rich, each had millions in the bank except a few who only had thousands. But even this blonde who only had saved 10k wasn't nice, she kept her money in a desk in a dark room, and acted just like the rest. We were having some circle conversation in class and the subject of tattoos came up. After everyone had fallen silent I mentioned I had 150 tattoos planned to get. No one seemed interested so I went on to explain it wasn't some stupid tattoos like an ex's name but stuff more esoteric. The girl next to me, two girls who were almost looser of the group, sniggered at the word esoteric. I was suddenly mad and had the urge to slap her red face, she had laughed so hard with her friend her face was flushed red. I usually didn't give into such urges but this time I went with it and slapped her. Then I did it more than once and she was outraged and went off crying. Filled with rage I went after her thinking it wasn't enough, I hadn't slapped her enough. The security guard, an old man with a cru cut, intervened and put us writing lines together in the darker class rooms. Every time he turned and left I slapped her again. I was so mad and I felt like she deserved it, for all the snide comments she unleashed the whole time. Well maybe they were snide, more like defensive. I called them snide when the guard caught us and chastised me. I thought about stealing that girls money now that I was close to it. Bi really wanrwd millions I the bank too. But I didn't know how I'd safely get it out of the school when they eached after rit was found missing. And I thought about hiding it by buying/selling pureblood cats but then I realized I was still selling them even if I was going to pretend to and it didn't sti well with me. A guy was sad because his father's partner, a young boy his own age, was going to leave him. They were on the bus headed home to tell him. Both were sand and huddled together on the stairs. The boy kissed the other boys knuckles and then both them with vampire fangs. The be led just a moment then healed. Both were so surprised. As a test he did it again. Both realized abruptly they were vampires and had no idea how that had happened. Anyway I got angrier and angrier by everyone ignoring me, and the rush of power from just slapping that girl and contemplating stealing led me to begin thinking like that dark ritual group. They ignored me but I plotted murder conformable now I wouldn't be burned by conscience. Probably wouldn't be, I did second guess myself a couple times. They people murdered all the time, plotting really elaborate murders and executing them. Their money covered any mistakes. If they could do it so could I.