worst nightmare

Date: 6/28/2017

By creaturecat04

my big sister just got married about a week ago and went on her honey moon and I just dreamt that she died on her honeymoon. I was standing in my room with my mom and crying because I knew she had died but I was asking my mom why she had died, that it just wasn't making sense why she was gone, that I knew I'd never see her again but I didn't know what had happened to cause this. the more I thought about it the more flash backs of seeing her and hugging her came to mind and I cried harder knowing I'd never get to do any of those again. then my mother told me she had gone on a rollercoaster and it had gotten stuck and then flew forward down one of the slopes and her and her husband had died, emidietly I thought of my beautiful sister sitting on a coaster perfectly fine one second and screaming horribly the next about to die. it was so horrible to me that I woke up and cried for a little. no matter how annoying and bossy my sister can be it would be one of the worst things in my life to know something had happened to her to end her life, but this was just a dream and her and her husband have already made it back from their honeymoon and are safe, happy and sound.