HP Plane + Green Bubble Ice

Date: 5/17/2017

By xXScarclawXx

(One of my weirder dreams.) 😅 Me and my entire homeroom class got onto a plane for some reason. The seats were like school bus seats, and were all Harry Potter themed. I sat down in a Gryffindor seat and my friend sat near me in a Slytherin seat. It was a pretty boring flight. Finally, we got off and into a museum. Everybody was put into separate cages, sort of like a human zoo. 😐 I was in the corner next to this one annoying kid. He fell asleep right away, and it became night. I was still wide awake. And this part is pretty creepy. I got, like, this weird power. I made this green bubbly-ice crawl along the ground. It went towards these two kids, and it covered them, encasing them into solid green ice. 😳 In the morning, everyone was freaking out... ...and nobody suspected the quiet girl in the corner... 😈