Digital art, In a computer lab, Diana sits beside a classmate, typing up information about seniors from their church, asking questions about their achievements, until an upset arises when the classmate doubts if broadcasting should be included, leading to an unexpected turn when a friend's name is suggested and Diana calls his mom to inform her about his nomination; later, in a game of dodgeball, the classmate confronts a tearful opponent who pleads not to be hurt, causing a gentle tap, leading to the opponent leaving in anger.

Class of 2017

Date: 1/26/2017

By Hikertrash48

In the dream all I remember is Diana and I sitting in a computer lab. She was typing up some thangs about some seniors that go to our church so we can recognise them. She's asking me some questions about being a senior. When she gets to the question "what are some things you've done?" I tell her a few things, think for a minute then say "broadcasting!" When I wasn't sure she put that down I got upset. She ask if I can think of any other seniors, so I tell her a friends name (who dosent even go to our church) and she calls his mom to tell her that her son has been nominated for whatever we're doing at this point. Then some kid and I were playing dodgeball. It came down to just me and him. He curls up on the ground and screaming "Don't hurt me! I didn't Evan want to play!" I gently hit him and he walks away mad.

AI generated interpretation In this dream, you are in a computer lab with Diana, typing up information about seniors from your church. This suggests that the dream may be exploring themes related to identity, recognition, and group dynamics. Diana asking you about being a senior and what you have done reflects an inquiry into your achievements and experiences, possibly in relation to your status as a senior in the church community. Broadcasting, which is the activity you mention, may represent your desire for visibility or recognition within this context. When you become upset because you are unsure if Diana wrote down broadcasting, it could symbolize a fear of being overlooked or not receiving credit for your accomplishments. This emotional reaction suggests a need for validation and acknowledgment from others. The mention of a friend who doesn't go to your church being nominated for something could represent feelings of jealousy or competition, highlighting a desire for recognition that extends beyond your immediate community. The second part of the dream involves playing dodgeball with another child. This could represent a metaphor for conflict or competition in your waking life. The other child's response of curling up on the ground and exclaiming, "Don't hurt me! I didn't even want to play!" suggests a sense of vulnerability and reluctance to engage in the competition. Your gentle hit and the other child's subsequent anger could demonstrate a conflict arising from differing perspectives or expectations in competitive situations. Overall, this dream may reflect your concerns about recognition, validation, and competition. It could be exploring your desire for acknowledgment within your church community and the potential conflicts and complexities that arise in pursuing recognition.