Wisdom and False Awakening

Date: 5/30/2017

By LionFoot65

I'm waking up I think and someone that I can't see is giving me advice on how to encourage and inspire others by making me feel what it's like to feel the opposite of encouraged or inspired which might be anger or resentment and then making me feel encouraged and inspired. Next Scene: I'm at school and I get tired of being in a certain class so I go to this other room with this one guy who invites me to work at McDonalds with him and I'm like sure man. I'm at this McDonalds and my job is to clean the restrooms or something so when I go to the restroom to wash my hands, I see this girl named Grace behind me from the mirror so I ask her if she's okay and she says no so I go up to her and hug her but since my hands are wet, I don't wrap my hands around her lol. After someone else takes care of her and I leave the restroom to go buy something with my friends and I buy a type of orange soda juice that's called isario or something. After that me and my friends leave get in the back of this car with my friend Chris. After a while though, I'm with my parents in the car and they brought our domesticated bobcat and we keep trying to prevent him from running away lol. Next Scene I have a false awakening because I'm in my room and my dad is awake and I go up to my bamboo plant and notice the "fire🔥 " and obsidian arrowhead that I left there. I also notice sprouts of bamboo shoots around the dying bamboo while I'm working on this project for school.