Bungee jumping

Date: 1/16/2017

By sana

At first its a kind of a ride and a trolly in which there are 3 people along with me the height is upto 150 to 200 foot(i think its enough of height i dreamt abt)and its kind of ride which slowly moves up and dramitically comes down .....i took that ride for once and then me and fren took trolly off and attached it to long string which is used for bungee jumping ....turn by turn we did bungee jumping ... then came a old man asking"is it safe?"and we assured him that it is .... he said "i want to do it as well" we were scared because we know that it is not safe at all we were litreally playing with death .....we were damn shure that this old man will get heart attack if he dared to jump even once