Test, Micheal Myers and sex

Date: 4/19/2019

By ellaga04

I was in school on a thing where the teacher was reading and we were just listning. But anyway we where gonna do a test on what the teacher read but I didn’t listen but I did the test and the teacher wanted to talk to me after a while and he just gave me the test with a B on it. And then the dream charged and I was waiting for Micheal Myers because we were in love or something but anyway so I waited for the bus but he wasn’t on it so I went to a little street where he and Jason was walking. So I ran to Micheal and hugged him. Then the dream changed again and I was with a group of people that I didn’t know but we was looking for a room that were very dark like pitchblack, so we found a house and we went in. The house was nice but I was very exited to find the room, so I found it and I ran in and was just sitting there (and I have no idea how I wasn’t scared to death because I am scared of the dark) but after a while one of the girl came in and draged me out. After that there was two guys from a series called Voltron but they were in real life, anyway they was together like lovers and one of the guys said ”if we go in to a pitchblack room and have sex you ger money” or something like that, and Keith the Otter guy answerd ”Sure!” and pointed to a room ”there!” So they started going to the room and Keith took my arm and draged me to the room too and I was thinking ”wtf is going on?!” So we all were in the room and it was so smal so I sat in a corner only seeing their faces (wich I was very happy with if you get what I mean). And I was going to lock the door but it didn’t work so I had to hold the handle, and Lance and Keith started to do their stuff but just then someone tried to open the door and I said ”Um... you can’t come in now I... am doing a thing” and he answerd ”But I just need to get a thing” and I said ”but I am doing a suprise for someone”. But just when I finished the sentence Keith layed his hand on my soulder and noded that I could open the door. So I did and we all went out so he could grap his thing, and right after he went out they grabbed me and ran in the room again to continue.