Reality Break

Date: 6/25/2017

By EvinDreamer

Today I had an insane dream that reality broke, it started off under a subway with my nephew and we were looking for a spot to light up 🙃. There were these people next to us telling us its chill and cool to hang here under the subway/ highway so we did. Then out of know where all the people disappeared and then subway track was gone and turned into a regular brick pathway, so I started freaking i was like wait where did all the people go and the tracks...then the guy appears back as an old man it was the same guy just from the future and he was older so I tried to go up to him to ask him what's going on but he was walking around in a circle and half his body started going down this portal in the ground and he was geting lower and lower like if he was walking down a spiral stair case, then when head was finally about to submerge, me and my nephew tried to get his attention by taping his head but then my nephew started geting sucked into the portal along with me...lights were flashing and then we ended up falling down this abyss and i guess we shot out of another portal and ended up free in side the garage of my house.....Crazy ass shit