angry dog

Date: 2/5/2017

By conner

I was walking home w/ my family when we passed the newsagents which appeared to be a house. It was Kirsten's house, when walking away I saw her in the window waving. I smiled and kept walking. I then saw her dog, Watson, and he started to attack me. I should've known it was a dream by then because it didn't hurt. I saw a bit of tinfoil on his back and took it off. He seemed to calm down after that. I took him back to Kirsten and her mum was very thankful but seemed sad saying that she had to look after a dog on her own. I she then asked to see my gran. I called her and we all went in. Kirsten and Isabelle were playing a game so I went back Downstairs. A baby channel was in the living room although Kirsten doesn't have siblings. I went outside and it was all flooded and it resembled an older dream of my holiday, all the boat peoples boats were sinking. Then I 'woke up' to sleep paralysis