The Sapphire Planet

Date: 5/6/2017

By amgril

I don't usually post here. Mainly because I just got the app and secondly because I can never seem to remember my dreams. However, it's 3:23AM as I'm typing this right now because I didn't want to forget. It all started with me and Fiance sitting at my grandmother's house in a barren town in Oklahoma. She was not present for some reason. My fiance and I were sitting at the table by a window drinking coffee and talking with another couple we're friends with. Let's call them Cortney and John. It was completely out of nowhere when John looked at his phone and then up at us very excitedly. "It's starting!" he exclaimed, "It's being created!". Curiously I looked up at him, and I soon realized I was only who had no idea what was going on. So, I asked John, "What? What do you mean, What's being created?". "Just look out the window, man," As I got up from the table and stepped to the window, he continued, "It's the new planet.. It's being created..". I pulled the blinds and was met with a sight that was indescribable. It was beautiful, it was amazing, and it was also terrifying. I looked up at what seemed to be a normal afternoon. I scanned the horizon and very close to the sun, I found what I was looking for. It was like Earth, but blue. The "land" parts so to speak were like giant sapphire jewels. And there were both lighter and darker hues in random patches. There were clouds circling and the planet at first was hard to see. After what could have been only a few hours, it was then a giant mass in our skies. I asked John why it was so close to earth, and he told me that it was being created on the very edge of our atmosphere. Being this was a dream, that made sense to me for some reason so I didn't question it. After the growth had seemed to cease I asked another question, "So... What now..?". John answered me again saying that now, it will shoot up into the solar system to it's in orbit. Again, being a dream I thought that made sense and didn't question it. Right as he finished his sentence it was like there were rockets underneath, but no smoke or anything, it just excelled up into the atmosphere looking smaller and smaller until it stopped. It was still visible. I began to get scared. "What if it falls? What if it crushes us?" I thought to myself. And then it happened. It started to fall.. It began plummeting down towards the earth. Looking larger and larger the closer it got, and when it seemed like it was going to crush us, Earth was then thrown out of orbit and finally settled back down. The sapphire like planet was still in plain sight but it looked stationary. It was already dark after that so I went to bed. I awoke to the sound my fiance gasping for breath and clawing at his throat. I was scared. I thought that all the sudden changes the earth went had some heavy impacts. Turns out, he was fine. He wasn't choking but when he looked up at me, he looked horrified. "You're... eyes.." he choked out. I looked in a mirror and my eyes had no pupils. just red lines going towards where they should be, and white in a cirlce in the middle. It was disgusting. I looked outside again and the clouds where not in the sky. They were dipping down from the heavens almost touching the lawn. And they were almost solid. They looked very wet and slightly pliable. I can't even describe it's consistency. I then noticed someone working outside on their fence, so I decided to go outside and ask them about their experience but then I woke up.