My First Sleep Paralysis with this (Old Dream)

Date: 2/12/2017

By Cami-sama

Since I'm making this my dream diary, I'm gonna list some old dreams here so I won't be able to forget them. I was sleeping in my grandma's room when I dreamed I was in our kitchen, but the difference is that the place was all white. The table, the cupboards, the floor and the walls, all are painted white. My aunt and grandma was there, sitting on the table and talking to each other. They asked me why I was crying. Then everything moved fast rewind and I was like, walking backwards and back to my grandma's room where I lied back to the bed. I knew now that I was awake. But I couldn't move. I saw the door open and I was calling someone for help but the door closed on its own. I felt my chest tighten, as if someone sat on my chest. Back then I was so scared, thinking some bad spirit might be inside the room and locked itself with me in my grandma's room. Then my eyes closed heavily and I soon drifted off to sleep. The second part of the dream is that I was playing badminton in a dark place. I see a big house beside me with tall gates and a car parked in front of it, but that's all I could see. I'd hit the shuttlecock/ball and it'd bounce at me from the darkness. It scared me how I was playing with someone I completely don't know of, like, is it even a human? Who is it? Then next I was in a narrow place, kind of like a cave. It was dark, and thousands of arms were stuck in the walls and they were trying to get me. They pulled my clothes but I had to get away from them. I ran and ran till I reached the end of the cave, more like a tunnel. Then I woke up, and I was breathing heavily and I was crying. I went to the kitchen where I saw my grandma and aunt, and then they asked why I looked like I just cried.