Date: 7/23/2017

By jacey8

I've had this dream before. Idk when but im pretty good at membering these types of things. I dreamt i was myself a soldier during the war shooting the Nazis. I didnt die but i used my senses and muscle memory from playing call of duty to survive. I also dreamt of shooting an airplane from the sky...again for reasons unknown. it was a different time date but i have the sense that i was some type of agent. My final dream was of some weird Asian origin. I was on a boat with some Asian ppl and a black driver. Everyone had to contribute for something I dont remember but the driver was keeping track. we docked somewhere below a cliff and the water appeared deep so everyone helped each other up the ladder to the main land. We all settled into you and everyone began to clean and do useful things. There was this Asian boy who loved to play around and contribute as he should have been. After i had finished my contribution the driver took note that everyone but 2 ppl had not contributed and that would have to report it. he was referring to the lazy boy and another person. despite the Asian boy came to me and handed be a shovel for a pile if dirt he was supposed to be shoveling but being generous and humble I did his contribution for him. I'm sure if this was a part of that dream or a different. but i made the soup for some Asians and apparently some event at school. It was like halfway at Sharpstown and halfway at Collinsville. I let my Asian grown up friends try it and they loved it. it had noodles, butter, shrimp, green onions, garlic powder and Tony Saccharine seasoning. The dream ended after talking to Mrs.Lennette about my life and she did something to a cross and her husband were wearing and took them off.