My things have been stolen again

Date: 9/1/2019

By DaydreamRadio

Alex and I are both moving to our new homes far away from New Jersey. my mom is helping her pack up the last few of her things, but as I look at her things, I realize that my mom has stolen from me again to give to Alex. She has some of my most important possessions and I wonder what else is already in California. The house that we rent is not my parents house in New Jersey. And has dark wood and is older. Maybe a little Dusty. I have to enter I'm building from a river. I'm in a boat and it cuts into this little area below the building where there's almost a secret door. I wonder why I have to sneak into a place that I should belong to. I'm with another person, a friend. We pull the boat into the little l-shaped Port under the building. I feel like a deviant. Feel like I shouldn't have to sneak around. However, I do it anyway. When I get in the building, I see my Aunt Karen. The building is made of concrete with sharp edges and flat ceilings that curve. It's half indoors, half outdoors. Basically, there are no walls. They open up a little river. Though I'm supposed to be here, I continually have to use secret passages to get a room so nobody sees me. I feel injusticed. I'm shaking the backseat to Alex again and she's even taken the food. There's a little mini fridge in the room I'm staying in while visiting and it's full of food I kind of don't want, like questionable lunch meat. My mom eventually decides to give it all to Alex, including the fridge, anyway. I decide to go. I'm not wanted or needed here so I go back to where I belong.