How to use Search Engines to become a Better Person

Date: 8/5/2017

By toxxicduck

First, I was with my ex boyfriend Nainoa, my arch nemesis from high school Hailey, and another dude I can't quite remember. Can't really remember what was going on or why we were all together, but we were in a bedroom with giant bed and a tv. All four of us were laying on the bed watching the tv. I and the guy I can't remember were laying across the bed from the other two. Nainoa wanted me to sleep with him, but I wasn't interested. We were trying to silently communicate with each other as to not create a scene in front of the other two. So I was laying in bed across from Hailey, getting extremely frustrated that our feet kept touching, and the Guy came over and laid his head on my lap. I was totally cool with this, and even stroked his head a bit. Nainoa watched me, clearly jealous and angered, but not doing anything. Then I was on a bus that was speeding up the road. I was headed to some kind of reunion, I knew that. I looked out the window and a many seated bike rolled up next to the bus. I actually don't remember seeing what the heck they were riding on. It was a bunch of people lined up, riding broomstick style, speeding as fast as the bus was, but they weren't holding onto any handlebars and I don't remember seeing any wheels. Barney Stinson was at the lead of the bike/broomstick, but he looked like a teenager. Behind him was Hailey. I knew they were headed to the same place as me. The reunion party thing was at Black Canyon Dam, a place in Idaho that I went to a lot with the family when I was younger. It looked different though. Instead of a lake, there was a river going around an island in a circle. The island was a hill with picnic tables and stuff, but there were also small shacks right at the edges. The reunion was taking place on the center of the island and there were hundreds of people there, adults at the tables, and children playing at the river. I stayed on the other side of the river though. I was looking for Nainoa I think. There was a path on top of a hill that went up from the river and I walked along that. On the other side of the path was fenced off fields, peoples farms and ranches. There were a bunch of animals running around in those fields. I remember specifically looking at a beautiful orange and white fox that looked right at me (my spirit animal is a raven, so might mean something to see such vivid of a fox, should look into it) in an empty field of brush. I then wanted to get to the island. I walked along the river, looking for a way across. There were children playing in it, and it wasn't deep, nor very wide, like 10 feet maybe. I knew I could swim across no problem, but didn't want to get all wet right before going to a party thing. I found stepping stones that went across. The stones were very close together and some had stalagmites jutting up out of the sides, which I could use to keep my balance. Halfway across it, a boy swam up and started shaking one stalagmite that made the whole stepping stone bridge shake. I almost fell off. I yelled at the kid saying "don't be such a crappy person!" He asked, "how do I become a good person?" And I told him the first thing he could do is look up the definitions of words that describe a good person, like kind, helpful, etc. I then began to teach him exactly how to use a computer and use a search engine, how to use commas and stuff to narrow down the search even, like my stinking college research methods bleeding into my dreams. We were just at the edge of the island talking about this, and a computer on a tall stand appeared. I used it to show the kid what I was taking about. It was a crappy old computer with crappy old software on it. It reminds me of high schools old book search computers. The edge of the water on this side of the island was really muddy, and I realized I was barefoot and my feet were absolutely covered in mud. Then a bunch of craziness happened in the river. I am only just now remembering this part as I write. Some kind of giant evil dude appeared in the river. I remember him yelling maniacal things. Then Edward and Alphonse Elric showed up to save us. They were acting all tough and cool, like defeating this evil dude would be a breeze. Ed used alchemy to create a staff out of stone which had a flower shape on the top. Then Alphonse created a crazy looking flower with many tiger lily looking petals and a huge seed pod center. It was glowing a fiery magical color. He shot the fiery energy onto Ed's staff and the stone flower on it became charged with the magic. Then Ed shot the energy at the evil dude, and destroyed him, i guess. I just watched all this from the middle of the river, which I was now standing in, with the water coming up to my knees. Pretty random. Then I really needed to go to the bathroom and conveniently there was a park bathroom right next to the computer thing at the edge of the river. It was a brick shack and the door was open, within was super dark. The ground everywhere was mud, and the mud in front of the bathroom was a darker shade of brown, pretty much black. I was disturbed and looked around for my flip flops so I wouldn't have to walk in that mud or go into the bathroom barefoot, because that sounded disgusting. My flip flops were nowhere to be seen, so I decided to just go for it and wash my feet thoroughly afterwards. As I stepped on that black mud, I slipped on it and almost fell a couple times, while also telling myself "don't barf, don't barf." I went into the bathroom, and now my whole legs were covered in mud. The bathroom was a single, just a toilet and a sink. The sink was very industrial style, and above it was a really smudged mirror that extended across the whole wall. I went to wash my hands and to also wash my feet, before using the toilet. I looked up in the mirror and saw that my hair was thinning super crazy. I was practically bald on top of my head, but there were still long strands of hair coming down. I could see the skin of my head through the thin hair. I looked like a witch! Also my hair was now a red-blonde color. I woke up after looking at myself in horror in the mirror.