Paradise Nightmare

Date: 3/20/2017

By kidneypunch

It began with myself and a couple of friend in this Tropical paradise. While we were there; we found some old Jewelry - Which we got possessed by the souls inside them. We ended up going to a mental institution and we were somehow able to escape from the objects. A guy gets ahold of my pendant I had found, the soul had left my body snapping me out of it and he explained the situation. I found out there was a little girl involved and we had to go find her. When we found her, I ripped the pendant off her neck and threw it into the river; thankfully avoiding being possessed. The girl panicked and jumped into the river after it. I jumped in after her; saving her and we escaped safely and uninjured. Later, one of my friends tired to adopt the girl when a couple from Japan, claimed that she was their daughter. They said that she had fallen off the boat and was lost. We gave her up and got rewarded. That's when I woke up.