Plethora of dreams

Date: 7/30/2017

By TheNagual

I was driving around the old regal, I remember how I must have stolen this car. I started freaking out and thought how could this be? I awoke in a fright. Inside a dark house, there was some kind of gathering. I see Nolan and he leads the way. Me and K drive and park on a steep slope to climb up a mountain. I saw Cy on a horse coming are way. I made her laugh easily. I then had no intention of climbing this mountain with him. Suddenly we are in my house and I am screaming at him to get out because he sat his naked ass on my bed. He tried to hug me, but I did not reciprocate. Inside class, Reynolds drops various coins and I help her pick them up. Not many other people helped. J and another girl talked about how good I was at sex, particularly with them. I later found them at my old neighborhoods house. I tried talking to the new homeowners of my old house, no one seemed to care I used to live there. There was a garage sale with nothing good, a broken basketball hoop and a speaker was the best things there. The house had many old women, all white hair, and fairly attractive. I saw Ray and L and they borrowed some protein powder. I was teaching a girl how to play a game similar to GTA. She lost terribly and didn't even have the right car. I took over and got into a sports car. I flew off a ramp in the beginning and flew threw the air with incredible speed. My vision was that of a spiraling vortex with various colors.