Bread and Caterpillars

Date: 6/19/2017

By Alabaster

I just woke up so I remember a lot more. Here it goes, it's gonna be a long one. The dream featured two locations. Outside in front of my old middle school and what seemed to be an underground school gym. The latter is where I spent the most time and where the dream started so I'll go there first. {}{}{}{} GYM 1- I was suddenly at the top of a strange staircase. Strange because it had four "lanes" with seemingly no rhyme or reason to where they went. The railing went every which way and numerous times I had to go under it to continue down and one of the lanes - a sloped one for the handicapped, I assume - would just stop then continue someway down. I was led down this staircase by two girls that I don't know in real life. The one the dream seemed to focus on was a long-haired brunette and I believe the other was a red head with a sort of bob cut. They both led me down this staircase, the brunette sliding down the railing half the time and both of them singing something the entire time. I was chill about the whole thing and just wanted to know where we were going. Looking back now it was very siren-esque (look up "mythical creatures sirens" if you don't know what those are). Finally we get to the gym. It's a small rectangle with a rather low ceiling for a gym. It's just a huge empty space initially and I remember joking about it being a sex dungeon. Might I mention neither of them properly talked to me or each other the entire dream. The only vocal sounds they made was that unintelligible (or maybe I just can't remember it) singing from earlier. Anyway, I walk around for a little bit, not even confused or questioning them. Just curious and getting bored. The maybe redhead goes over to the far wall to the left of the staircase and begins hitting buttons or something of the sort on a panel. The brunette is just standing at the foot of the staircase watching me. A few minutes go by and then the room starts to fill with fog from machines that have come out of the two far walls. Along with this a "set" starts to rise out of the middle of the room. I say set because it's a recreation of a small kitchen but it's shoddily made, reminiscent of a no-budget school play. I don't get a good look at it though because the thickening fog covers it all up. One of them, I don't know who, pulls me over and takes me to the entrance of this place. Without hesitating I walk in. All that's here is a counter with a hotel style mini fridge placed on top and pushed to the back, and a door to my right. A paper taped to the front of the fridge says something about using the bread in the fridge to make food (it didn't specify or I can't recall) and something else. It's a little blurry here with what happened but I do remember some. I did as the instructions said with some difficulty. I found the half frozen/half stale bread in the fridge. Weirdly enough it was in individually packaged slices packed together like a loaf within a bigger bag (or just strewn about on the shelves inside). So I got one out and chose one of the dozen or so peanut butter containers. I remember wanting jelly but not seeing any. After completing my task, I guess, I went through the door into almost a copy of the kitchen I was just in. But I don't remember at all what happened here, probably because it flipped to the front of the school. {}{}{}{} SCHOOL FRONT- All you need to know about the front of the school is that there was a bench out front with a circle a short ways behind it to pull through when you drop your kid off. Sidewalk all around. I walk up the main entrance and start heading straight towards two new girls I also don't recognize in real life. A possibly important detail is that it was 8:03 or 8:13 in the pm when I got here and the sun was nearly completely set. So I go up to these two and I, out of nowhere, have this huge white caterpillar in my arms. This thing was as long and nearly as wide as your average forearm. It was moving around like it was drunk (or high. Alice in Wonderland influence here?) and I started singing a song that I, for the life of me, cannot remember. It's at the edge of my mind but the tune evades me. 'Rainbow Connection' by Weezer comes to mind but I don't know. So I sing for a little bit and set this monster of a caterpillar on the bench beside one of the girls. They're entranced by it. At some point I stopped singing and got my phone out to take pictures. It opened its mandibles (or just mouth if that's not the right word) and looked like it was about to try and eat us. Then it wobbled to the edge of the bench and fell off, landing head first before falling onto it's underside. After this happened its many legs turned into four thin but still recognizably cat-like ones and bounded off across that aforementioned drop-off circle. None of us thought this was weird though. Right here the dream went back to the gym. {}{}{}{} GYM 2- A lot less happened here but it happened only twenty or so minutes ago so I remember it well. I was what I assume now to be that second kitchen I entered. There was more peanut butter in the fridge, lidless and short cups of jelly and PB sitting side by side, and lots of other ingredients I won't list. The bread was mostly scattered now but a few were still in those single slice packages. Instead of using PB and J though I went for these pitiful little butter bags. Imagine a tea bag but smaller and with butter in it. Sad, melted butter. I had four pieces of bread in a rectangle tupaware (tupaware? How do you spell that...) container. There was salisbury steak in there too I think. I took this butter and tried to put it on the bread but it was far to little to be worth anything. Until I tried to spread it. When I did that, it was like I'd poured a whole melted stick onto the bread and the slices were drowned in the yellowy liquid. I threw my hands up at this point, saying I couldn't do it because the ingredients didn't work or I didn't have the right ones. Something like that. Then I awoke. Unfortunately, too, I wanted to see more. {}{}{}{} NOTE- For anyone who read all that (it wasn't a ton) and wants to maybe try and decode some of that into meaning something, I was listening to music all night. I had music going while I slept for somewhere in the neighborhood of seven hours (fun fact: the playlist I had going is around 35 hours long). So whatever was playing in that time could very well have influenced what happened, the most obvious thing being the two different singing events. What was being sung might have been what was playing, or derived from it. Push come to shove I could scroll back through it all but that's seven hours of songs so eh... Thanks for getting through it all. If you read from top to bottom, congrats! You probably aren't too terribly lazy. Okay bye.