Date: 12/24/2017

By iamnotmhz

Decided to lay down on my couch this afternoon for a nap. A few minutes later it sounded like someone was trying to enter through my front door but my wife is working for several more hours so it couldn’t be her. Since I like to wrap myself up entirely in blankets (including covering my head) I started trying to unwrap myself but found that the blankets just continued forever. I started to panic but though there was a possibility I was dreaming so I did an RC and tried to push my finger through my hand. It went clear through! Even though I knew I was dreaming at this point, I’m still freaking out because I still think someone is trying to enter my front door so I pinch my nose and try to inhale as hard as I can in an attempt to wake up. I really don’t know when I slipped into the dream but the fact that I was in the same exact spot from when I fell asleep and it felt like the exact time of day it should be really bothered me a lot.