My boyfriend got possessed

Date: 7/22/2019

By Juniwhale

I was being led by my boyfriend in some sort of loop dream. It was a dark night. We were walking on a trail, passing by strange things. I was dazed and scared. We came upon a glowing blueish shallow pool/lake. There were a few people playing in the waters. I really wanted to join them, I heard them say they found hermit crabs. We finally came to some sort of climax. I’m pretty sure there were other people with us but I can’t remember. So then, I’m being chased by my boyfriend and some other person. Their eyes look bruised and sunken red. They seemed lucid, but I knew they wanted to kill me. Let’s skip to the part I can remember. I was in my grandmas house. The rooms were swapped. Her house has 4 bedrooms and I know what they all look like. In this dream the master bedroom was placed in a different room. It was very confusing. It was disorientating. So then my boyfriend was there. I was on the top of the stairs and I see he was possessed. He was trying to communicate that he didn’t want to hurt me. We actually knew was was happening. It was part of the “loop” in this dream. He wasn’t supposed to get possessed in the weird place we went to. He wanted me to kill him because he knew it was restart. We kinda argue about how he should kill himself My old stepdad comes in and is clearly possessed. I end up trying to kill them with Rickys knife. I was stabbing him in the head but he was still alive. I tried stabbing Ricky and with no luck. I was very disturbed by this. Now to the random side story of my dreams. Mama cat was there (calico cat who is mean) she hates animals. For some reason Mikey ( dead tan small dog) was there and he was sleeping next to her. If mama cat saw another cat she would try to kill it. I had to keep her back. She gave my granny a scare but I was able to control mama cat.