Cooking Show and Basketball

Date: 7/2/2019

By leathecage

The band BTS was in my backyard, and also aliens were starting to land. The aliens looked just like regular people, and one of them was All Might from My Hero Academia. He was wearing an apron and a chefs hat, and also had a miceophone. He told me and my brother that we were on a cooking a show and that he brought the audiance with him. The other aliens and BTS watched on as my brother and I scrambled around the outdoor kitchen that was suddenly there. We were tasked with making sardine soup, and I very much dislike eating things that still have eyeballs, so as I put the fish in the broth, I started becoming very nauseous. I also wanted to make a side dish, but I accidentally threw old computer parts in the pot, so I had to focus on fixing my mistake. Suddenly, BTS' Suga approached from the stands and started helping out. For some reason there were just random electronic parts EVERYWHERE, and so All Might told us to stop because it became a complete disaster. I then found myself walking down my driveway towards my house with a bunch of other women. They were talking about the basketball game we were playing in, and how it was ridiculous that the coach said it was gonna be "Shirts vs. Skins", even though girls were gonna be on the Skins team. Those girls, including myself, just wore tan shirts and gooed that'd work. We ended up sitting in the bleachers and were subjected to a survey where were had to choose an image in a series of drawings that reminded us most of "Comedy".