Kidnapping and Superpowers

Date: 8/10/2017

By icarus

1) there was a guy (call him Tom) flirting with me during dinner and we sat by each other. At one point, he put his arm around me and I just kept getting lower to avoid it. Me and Tom talked a bit and he had an accent, he was pretty okay. Eventually, I'm going back to my car in the parking garage and I see Tom getting beat up by a couple of guys while this big guy was obviously the leader of the operation. I yelled "Hey! Leave him alone!" The big guy (call him James) turned to see me and he sneered looking me up and down, then he grabbed me and I started scratching him. He said " Oh good you grew out your nails, but save them for later" and he winked. James kept me immobile in his arms and the crew kept beating up Tom. I started crying and stopped struggling against James, just blubbering out "Stop" "Leave him alone" "He's done nothing" "Please". Eventually James let's me go and I just drop to the floor and end up between his legs and I'm just lying against one of his legs and James said," At least she knows where she belongs" and everyone but me and Tom laughed. They ended up throwing Tom over the edge of the parking garage, I screamed but James covered my mouth and said," You're coming with me." [End] 2) I had the power to tell what a person was like, just by looking at them. I had a brother and he had the same power, too. Somehow, a guy (call him Henry) figured out about us and wanted us because he ran a major corporation and was a sociopath so he didnt want people to know he was a bad person so he got his acting down but he was still paranoid about people like us finding out. One day, my friends, brother, and I were walking down the street near Henry's house (we didn't know he knew and we were just exploring). Henry apparently knew I loved plants and left his garden door open, I saw his garden and I was mesmerized, it had beautiful plants and fruits so I walked in, falling into Henry's trap. When I got near the back of the garden it was filled with smaller plants, and there was a tree that had a thick base for about three feet then split into branches. I heard a door open and crouched down at the tree and saw Henry on his phone talking to someone, while he was very handsome (think Damian from Dream Daddy's), I could tell right away that he was evil. Henry knew I was there, but I didn't realize it. Once he got off the phone, he tsked and shut the door that I came through, saying something about how he must have forgotten to shut it, and proceeded to shut the door, I took this as my chance to get out through the door he came through, but the door I came through slammed shut immediately and Henry grabbed me so I was immobile, I struggled to get free and Henry got angry so he pinned me to the nearest wall. "You work for me know, you will live here in my garden, only occasionally, will you be let inside. Your job is to tell me whether I look good on camera, just in case things like you try to destroy my company. Do you understand?" Im absolutely terrified and don't move, because I know what he can do and it frightens me. He slap me let's me fall to the ground," I said: 'Do you understand?'" My hand is pressed to my cheeks and small tears appear in the corners of my eyes due to the impact of him hitting me. I simple nod and let out a weak yes. Henry kicks my side so my hands are away from my face and he presses his boot to my throat," Just remember who holds the power here," Then he stops and lifts his boot," Someone will be by to bath you and give you new clothes, in the meantime, be a good girl." Then he leaves and I'm alone. I just wonder the garden in self pity. Eventually a maid walks into the garden and calls my name, afraid of Henry I quickly approach, relieved he's not there, the maid (call her Sandy) calls my name again, even though I'm in front of her," I'm here, ma'am." She chuckles and apologizes, telling that she is blind. She takes me to the bathing room to wash to me which is very uncomfortable because I'm pretty sure there is a camera so I try to stay under the water as much as possible. Once we're done, Sandy hands me a hospital gown (that doesn't have the laces in the back) and says that it must be a beautiful dress, I breath uneasily and put it on. Then Sandy directs me to a bedroom that is near the garden, Henry intercepts us there commenting on how I looked beautiful after being washed up and clothed. His arms that were once behind his back, now outstretch and place a sexy, lacey, bra and panty set on the dresser. He mouths something, but I can't read lips so I don't know what he's saying. I furrow my eyebrows and shake my head slightly, Henry sets his jaw and asks for Sandy to leave so he can explain the goings on of he house. She leaves and he shut the door quietly. He pins me to the wall again and repeats himself," I said: You /will/ wear these." I nod in understanding and ask if I can speak, he grants it," It's just the things is, I can't read lips." I look to the ground, embarrassed and he laughs in my face calling me pathetic and saying I don't deserve the power I have been given. He let's me drop the floor, the shirt hem of my hospital gown riding up to show myself to him. He stares intensely at me, a smirk twitching at his lips, I quickly cover myself, embarrassed all over again. He leaves the room throwing the set at me, before shutting the door, he seems to remember something and looks at me," Oh, and by the way, the room is soundproof, so no matter how much you scream, no one will hear you." Then he shuts the door and locks it. I notice in this room, there are quite a few cameras, some I notice, others I can't. I slip the set on (without taking my hospital gown off) and lay in bed, eventually falling alseep from exhaustion. [End]