The cruise was over

Date: 3/25/2017

By Paris1107

I'm on a cruise ship. The cruise was over and everyone is exiting. I was one of the last few headed for the exit. I felt a little sad that the cruise was over as I neared the exit. Then I realized I was dreaming! I caught the attendant's eye when I stop walking towards the exit. I said out loud 'This is a dream' as I shook my head no indicating I wouldn't be fooled. I turned around and ran with glee in my heart towards a 3-4 story wall of the ships main interior galley. I jumped into the air and flew towards the wall intending to fly through it. I got stuck in the wall and felt the dream fading. I said 'no, no, no' as I came back out of the wall. I didn't want to loose the moment. I flew around the room but was so in to it that I let my lucidity slip.