Date: 1/31/2020

By rembrandt

the woods bright light shone down reflective lush greenery, the forest floor was speckled in trees shadows. in the far distance a wide open meadow was visible. in a thicket of trees a table was placed. i was seated. to my left and right, and boy and girl quite young in age, around 12. in front of me, an old and wise looking man. he was a wizard. he talked about these lands being cut off, a territory determined by magic. yet, evil lurked in the forest. the only way to kill it was with magic arrows. the wizard wanted to begin making hundreds of arrows. he said it had been previously impossible to destroy the evil. the boy on the left held an bow and arrow. while we sat at the table we ate breakfast and brushed our teeth. i did not eat anything, i wasn’t hungry. what i remember most is the beautiful and warm scenery. there were dreams before this one, but this one looked so vivid and pretty.