animal crossing saves businesses

Date: 3/24/2019

By squidward

i was on the bus and for some reason, there was this program in place where you pair yourself up with someone who is, or has been, suicidal. they were going to send all the groups to the place they miss the most. nick came to me right away bc oops and we got sent to my old house. i got off the bus and nick hugged me and told me i could do it. i cried when i got to the front door and wanted to turn back, but he made me go upstairs. i went in my old bedroom. it looked nothing like my old room. it was huge and had two levels. it was so much more run down and it had a pool in it. the pool was completely empty of water and had exposed pipes and was so dirty. my bed was on loft on the second level and we went to it. i have these star pajama pants irl and that design was on the blanket. the blanket was frayed and kinda scratchy. it was definitely very old. we both fell asleep and we woke up to police looking for us. the cop couldn’t find us. she told us to come out or there would be consequences. we told her exactly where we were and said we were above the laundry room, but she kept ignoring us. this guy appeared and said if he had to play animal crossing to keep his business good, then he would