Poor management

Date: 7/25/2017

By MsBananaNanner

It was my first day working at a theater, but it was set up in a strange way. It was pretty much underground, and had a weird vibe to it with very low lighting and dark walls and such. It was also part of a restaurant, but I was only to be in charge of the theater side. The house manager, who looks younger than myself, is there to train me before everyone shows up for the evening show. He's not necessarily rude to me, but I get the feeling he doesn't care for me. I ask where I can put my stuff and he points to the back room. I duck in behind a curtain, and see some other staff people back there. It's essentially just the green room, so there are a bunch of actors and actresses in costume. Everyone is giving me dirty looks, but I brush it off as me being the newbie. I try to stay upbeat and friendly through his tour of the place. Then it's about time for people to start showing up, and he tells me he's leaving and if I need anything to call. He says it in a way, though, that leads me to believe he really doesn't want me to bother him and if I do he's gonna be pissed. He leaves, and guests start showing up. I'm a bit stressed out, seeing as it's my first day and I barely know what I'm doing and yet I'm expected to run the whole place. But once I get into the rhythm of things it isn't so bad. The night goes off without any major hiccups, all the guests love me, ad I even helped the restaurant people with a few of their issues. Then the house manager guy comes back as we're all cleaning. The restaurant people are sweeping up, and I'm running around making sure everyone is putting things where they need to be. He looks around a bit, then starts telling me all the things I did wrong. They're not even important things, just little nitpicky things that I couldn't possibly be expected to know because he never told me about them. I do my best to remain respectful, apologizing and saying I'll do better the next time. He doesn't really care, and just keeps ragging on me. A few customers who happened to still be around overhear our conversation and they come over and defend me to my boss, saying I was the best house manager they'd had since coming there. Even better than him. He was pissed, but I was so smug.😁