First day of "High School"

Date: 7/21/2017

By maye

My dream started with me standing in a group of fellow freshmen in front of the school doors. Everyone was nervous it seemed, but my head sorta felt empty. I really had no emotions towards anyone or anything. It was like I had done this before and I was bored. Finally the front doors opened and I was pushed through the crowd by my peers. We already had our books in hand, it was just a matter of finding our first class. There was no one else in the building expect for faculty and the thousands of freshmen pouring through the doors. There wasn't a single sophomore, junior, or senior in sight. My first class I remember was... Gardening mixed with design and technology? That strange subject was located on the third floor. Luckily, there were escalators that led us directly into the third floor which was just one room. On the escalator I noticed that I'd be sharing this class with a plethora of my peers that I am not a fan of. But still, I didn't care. I was carrying on straight faced. Halfway up the escalator a voice came over the intercom. It kept saying over and over, "You don't belong here." I had no reaction to this; it seemed like I already knew. My classmates however were shaking in terror. The voice stopped once I stepped onto the pavement that brought us into the classroom. There were no walls except for the ones keeping us inside the building. It was completely open to the rest of the school. Also, the ground in front of us came to a point, forcing us to walk sideways around it. It was sharp enough to cut someone. "Inside" the classroom were stools surrounding wooden boxes that were covered with plastic wrap. I was joined by some of the more popular girls which I still had no reaction to. After everyone sat down, our teacher (who I don't know the name of) instructed us to poke holes into the plastic in order to take the objects inside it out. It was at this point where thinking back on this dream, I should've realized I was dreaming. My hand went directly through the plastic for a brief moment and then the plastic ripped right open. Inside the box was a package of dirt and a cardboard drink carrier without the slits. We were instructed to pour the dirt into each pocket in the holder and add these special seeds. After adding the seeds we put the project back into the box and left them there. We were told to take out our laptops and log in. When I did so, I saw that all of my applications on my personal computer had been transferred onto my school laptop as well. The lights in the whole school turned off and a voice on the intercom told us to look at the projector at the front of the classroom. The video we were showed flashed grotesque images at us along with the same, "You Don't Belong Here" chant. Everyone was hypnotized except for me. This was the thing that freaked me out to the point where I awoke in my bed.