We have to win to survive

Date: 7/18/2019

By Brighter_daes

I got kidnapped but it was like a game. You had to survive till the end of the game. It was in a giant house with other equally terrified girls. This fucking creepy giant Japanese woman (like the one from little nightmares) kept chasing us. There was a little rat and a raccoon? I don’t know what it was that kept helping me. They were trapped but they weren’t being chased. The game lasted for 2 weeks but the hours passed like minutes. We couldn’t sleep because that meant death. All the girls tried looking out for each other but in the end it was a survival situation. Towards the end you had different challenges and benefits. You had to go a whole day without being able to hide and the you got day without the creature chasing you. I paired up with a little girl because she kinda got imprinted on my and wouldn’t leave my side. For the last day of the game we couldn’t use some of the hiding spots. So the magic ones that transported us didn’t work. But the hand done ones did. Me and the little girl decided to hide under a blanket for the rest of the day. It surprisingly worked. Me and the little girl then separated at the end of the game because she knew a girl from where she was taken. I said bye to all the girls and made sure they got out all right. I then went to get the rat and the raccoon. The raccoon was were I left him while the rat had tried to leave but he went the wrong way. I stood at the door calling his name until five minutes later he finally crawled up to my feet. I picked them both up and then started leaving. I was in rexland so I relatively knew safe places to go. My first reaction was to go to chelly’s house and try to stay there but when I got there I was convinced she was possessed and for some fucking reason i got a headache and that killed her. She literally started glowing blue screaming in pain and then she exploded in dust. I then got scared and ran to my house which was in rexland for some reason. It was a house I recognized but it was mine. I took a shower and then the rat and raccoon suddenly turned into Alexis and gen off scene. They took showers and while they were in the bathroom I was talking to my mom. She didn’t seem to realize that I was gone for a couple weeks. None of my family realized. I was shocked at how much they didn’t care. I asked for some food and for tea. Then my mom suggested that we sleep outside in a car and I was like maybe or we’ll sleep in the gazebo because we don’t want to be separated. I then grabbed them and we served ourselves some tea and nachos. I woke up with us arguing about how many different chips there are. Idk