Snippets of Low

Date: 6/11/2017

By Fitful

There were lots of coming and going, girlfriends and friends and people moving in and out of my living space. Finally the the end the girl I was seeing was keen to move in, and did so while I was out for the day. It felt a bit awkward, as if I didn't believe it was actually happening. ~ I was dealing with a sick cat for a while. I think it was dying. ~ There was a bush/tree outside my house, blooming with blue orchids. I ate the leaves, they were crispy and tasted like potatoes chips. The longer you left them to decay on the tree the crunchier they got. I couldn't wait to gather some and season them. ~ There was a guy trying to figure out his place in the company he worked for. It was more like he didn't understand their morals. He wanted to interface with their technology through bio wires, but it was forbidden. He didn't understand why and the other ways to connect seemed stupid to him. His name was Robert Wood, Dude Wizard. It was literally his title, Dude Wizard. ~ Some Asian looking guys, with tall thin sculpted bodies were surfing. The new guy was sized up by the local champ and he wavered upon hearing how the new guy had been at three dangerous surfing competition. These guys had been created by a plastic surgeon to look the best they could, their stomachs were trimmed and cut a certain way, the local guy was jealous of the new guy. The new guy had his stomach shaped in this one way, and he had a short dick but it didn't matter, the local was intimidated. They got in the water and while they were in it, they had a row of backup surfers, and then everyone was frozen by some electric magic current, frozen in place. A guy in the middle of it all started drowning but those frozen in the back row couldn't move and the two I front couldn't know. I raced in my car, or someone I know did, towards the beach. There four surfers in the back were steaming up the sky with a kind of stench, perhaps a magical one more gears towards poison, and i needed to get to the beach and stop it.