Date: 3/17/2017

By gf3425

Dreamt that I worked at McDonald's, but it was like The Office. our boss kept having weird meetings and was a strange woman. she had a meeting on birth control, but I didn't have to attend because that was my last day. to celebrate my last day, my coworkers took me shopping. this other girl at the store kept giving me dirty looks, but I had no idea who she was. when we came back to McDonald's, our boss had bought food for everyone, but I had already eaten, so I wasn't hungry. this made her really mad. in the end though, the food made everyone sick, so I was safe. I remember our boss being mad at us for getting sick. then, when everyone was better, we started to crack jokes about the birth control meeting, and she started yelling at us. I remember packing a bunch of stuff into my trunk. I remember saying something to my coworkers, but I can't remember what. then I woke up.