Two crappy cars

Date: 5/1/2019

By pgranard

Found myself at work, my boss is having a conversation with me. He walks away and I climb up in the work bench and lay down. I’m looking at the stars in the black. My boss returns and is upset to find out hat I had not been working I leave work in a huff, as if I wouldn’t return. I’m driving a car I used to own. It’s crappy. I pull over and get rid of that car for another car I used to own. This Car is even crappier. I drive this car a bit, I realize I can easily communicate with my spirit guide. I ask several questions. He answers, however, he quit talking, which is when I realize I have to pull over. I get out and a woman is standing on the sidewalk. I try to talk to her, she doesn’t say much and points north. We’re outside a business named something bumblebee.